Straven Guesthouse         Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh

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Thinking Wide

We subscribe to information from the Women's Environment Network, the Prince’s Mayday Network (committed to tackling effects of climate change), Fairtrade town Newsletter, and the Ethical Consumer Magazine amongst other sources.

We donate monthly on memberships to the WWF, RSPB and Trees For Life to support great charity work to improve our environment and wildlife.

We bank with the Cooperative bank because of their ethical policies both in business and personal banking.

We are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and Visit Scotland’s Sustainable Tourism Project to help us keep motivated and updated with fresh new ideas for best environmental practices.

Energy Preservation:

We get our electricity supply from OVO on a Greener Tariff so that 100% of our payments fund renewable energies.

Washing machines, refrigerators and freezers,  driers and dishwashers have been chosen for low energy consumption

Energy efficient light bulbs and lights on timer or motion sensor where possible around Straven

Small kettles in rooms for energy preservation

Use of timer system on central heating and efficient boiler system with zoning in areas in the house

Use of radiator thermostats

Radiators off in rooms when they are not in use

Water preservation

We use a water butt to collect rainwater for any outdoor water usage

We have water efficient toilet flushes, taps and showers

We use surplus drinking water and tea to water plants

Towels laundered during long stays at guests request rather than as default to reduce water usage and chemicals

Waste reduction

Larger sized toiletries that can be refilled to reduce waste from miniatures

Recycle all waste with City of Edinburgh Council

Encourage guests to leave leaflets to be reused or recycled

Use recycled products such as  toilet paper, kitchen roll, bin liners etc

Old towels used for dusters

Consideration of food

Try to use local produce such as butter, eggs, milk etc

Promote local business through regular use of small businesses where possible

Buy Fair trade items such as coffee, tea, bananas, sugar etc

Consideration of chemicals

Dispose of all items responsibly such as microwaves at appropriate council sites

Use of environmentally friendly cleaners throughout Straven, from bathroom sprays, glass cleaners laundry etc

Use of environmentally friendly toiletries for guests for shower gels and soaps

We are proud to have attained HIGH STANDARDS for QUALITY and SERVICE for Straven Guest House Edinburgh with the Scottish Tourist Board, achieving four star status in the Guest Houses Edinburgh category.

Our interest in environmental matters has led us to join The Green Tourism Business Scheme. We try to be an eco friendly and eco conscious B and B and are tickled PINK to be able to boast that we have been awarded the highest accolade for a Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh: The GOLD STANDARD by the GREEN TOURISM SCHEME. We are committed to environmental management of our resources through re-cycling, energy and water conservation, restriction of waste and noxious matters, screening of all our suppliers and trades to the Bed and Breakfast.

Below are a few of the things we consider in running Straven


We try to be kind to the Environment   -

but what does that mean?