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Edinburgh  - The Main Festivals  - August and how to make the most of it all

The main Festivals all happen conveniently together sprawled elegantly over the month of August.  We ejoy sampling them all since taking over Straven Guest House Edinburgh andenjoy hearing your feedback of the best and the rest! - so here is our take on them.

Firstly you have the original  – the formal Edinburgh International Festival.  This encompasses various dance forms usually including modern Dance and formal Ballet as well as Opera, classical music.  While you can certainly choose some elegant and grand evenings’ entertainment this Festival has become more and more accessible to everyone and dressing down is equally encouraged! This year 2016 it runs from 5th August until  29th August and culminates in the superb Fireworks concert in Princes Street Gardens played against the gorgeous backdrop of Edinburgh Castle with Fireworks lighting up this historic building in a simply breathtaking display.

Then there is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  It started out as just that – a fringe event to the main Festival but it has long since outgrown its roots to become a HUGE event covering hundreds of venues and all sorts of eclectic happenings including comedy, dance, physical theatre, musicals and too many offbeat happenings to describe here.  You just have to dip in and experience it!  It runs from 5th until 29th August 2016 - but here is a little tip – it also features many preview shows just before the formal start and also has many Two for One offers over the opening nights.  With a special ticket tent with discounts throughout you can make this Festival affordable as well as brain tickling!

Think ahead for accommodation in Edinburgh! With huge swarms of people invading Edinburgh for just the two main Festivals it makes sense to book accommodation well in advance.  Here is where we can help offering highly recommended accommodation in a preciously PEACEFUL Edinburgh location beside Edinburgh’s picturesque seaside.  

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Well worth a visit when escaping the hubbub of the other events is the Edinburgh International Book Festival.  Ambitiously described as the largest celebration of the written word in the world it is nevertheless a huge event usually featuring top Scottish and other British writers giving fascinating talks as well as children’s activities events etc.

You will not see STREET THEATRE anywhere else in the world so vibrant as in Edinburgh in August – so widespread, varied and thoroughly entertaining that it deserves the title of Edinburgh Festival of Street Theatre  -  you heard it here first!  -  and what’s more it is all FREE!  (If you want to throw a coin or two into the hat in appreciation it is always welcome!).

Once you have exhausted yourself with all this colour, theatre and downright fun you will want a QUIET night’s sleep.  That is where it gets tricky with events in and about the Centre going on well through the night.  Escape the hubbub and enjoy the bonus of Edinburgh’s seaside at our Guest House in Edinburgh at the seaside suburb of Portobello.  

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